Bee Control Whittier Treatments

Bees live basically anywhere individuals live except locations of year round extreme cold, however some bumblebees can live far north as well as in the mountains where it’s cold the majority of the year.

The type of bee will certainly determine the sort of home it creates. There are numerous singular bees and there are also some social bees. Others, like honey bees, seek hollow logs or the walls of your home as a perfect place to develop a honey-producing colony.

If bees come into your home it is simply because they want to create their own house. There are many desirable areas of your home for bees including wall voids and fireplace cavities.

Why Do I Have Bees?

It could be a bit of bad luck as bees are pretty random in selecting where to establish their nests. They do seem to be fond of areas that get ample morning sun. They do not need large entry points to create a nest. For instance, inside of a little hole on a tree makes for a fantastic location to create a nest. It is also feasible that there were bees on the property previously and you weren’t aware of it. Maybe a previous hive wasn’t cleaned out properly and is calling the bees back.

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Determine Bees on Your Property

Many creatures are called bees when they are actually wasps or some other type of insect.

If you see a true honey bee it will be a fuzzy, four winged, straight antennae bee and be a length of around 3/4 inches. Very large insects of this appearance are often carpenter bees. The smaller sized bees are usually solitary and non-social. You might see bees that are green, yellow, black, both yellow and black, and many other colors  and color combinations. If you see a brownish-colored bee it is likely a honey bee. While not a bee, a Yellow jacket is around the same size of a honey bee but feature a darker black and brighter yellowish color.

Stinging is the biggest threat of a bee, especially if you are allergic. There is a variety of protein toxins, enzymes and biogenic amines in bee venom. However, the effects of a bee sting are not caused by the venom’s alkalinity or acidity, but simply the toxicity of that specific bee’s venom. Bee stings are not typically lethal to a normal person and require a significant variety of stings to cause death, but an individual who is allergic could quickly be killed with just one sting.

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