There are just around 20 species of genuine hornets in the world. One real species of a true hornet in the States is the European hornet. As its label indicates, the European hornet is definitely an introduced species which came to the U.S. from Europe and has now adjusted to many areas of the States. You’ll be able to identify the European hornet by observing its coloring and length; yellow and brown, 1.5 inches in length.

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While not a genuine hornet, the bald-faced hornet (Dolichovespula maculata) is listed right here because most people commonly consider it a hornet. The bald-faced hornet is about one inch long and it is colored black and white. Both hornets discussed right now have actions similar to that of a yellow jacket. However, noticing the actual size is a good strategy to tell the difference; hornets are actually larger than yellow jackets.

Bald-faced hornets make aerial nests, spherical in shape, about the dimensions of a basketball or football and often constructed in trees. European hornets tend to make their particular nests in remote, above-ground areas such as hollow trees, crawl spaces, decks and within the wall voids. These particular nests oftentimes look like ‘paper’ but they are built from the hornet’s saliva mixed with the wood they acquired to construct their nest.

During the nest-building period, it may not be abnormal to witness a hornet scraping away a thin wood layer from a wood made fence, an old log or even the outside of any unpainted wood structure.

While hornets are better known for their power to inflict an excruciating sting, they are very useful predators which help to handle a variety of bugs which could otherwise turn into unwanted pests. However, hornets really are social insects; therefore they will aggressively protect their colony from intruders. While not as intense as yellow jackets, the bald-faced hornet, and to a smaller degree, the European hornet, swiftly and forcefully guard their colony when detecting any danger.

It is always wise to get the guidance of your respective pest management professional prior to considering any do-it-yourself endeavors for hornet management. Our own hornet control Whittier experts are more than able to assist you; just call (562) 268-5364 today!