The more common millipedes located in The United States are usually brown in color and range between 2.5 to 4 centimeters long. You can actually recognize them by observing that their 2 segments have 2 pairs of legs.

Millipedes actually leave their offspring in dirt, their selected surroundings, and a lot of millipede varieties are totally mature within their second year, surviving many years just after maturity.

Whittier Millipedes

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It isn’t strange to identify a millipede both in and out of your home. Inside they normally frequent moistened spaces and outside they are generally discovered in home gardens and flowers. You will experience millipedes outside of your property if there is mulch or fallen leaves around the outer walls. As long as the earth is moistened they’re going to delight in that location. They feast on rotting timber and foliage.

Millipede Behavior/Life

Millipedes start migrating throughout fall season, coming out from the habitat they’ve enjoyed the last few months. It’s said that the millipedes begin migrating to prep for the winter, but if you should experience substantial rain you’ll likely notice them as well, due to being removed from their dwellings in the event it floods. During this time it is really not odd to find them in your property or home.

Whittier Millipede Prevention

Should a millipede discover the home, they may certainly first take up residence upon your outdoor patio or deck. Unfortunately, they normally do not stop there. They will simply scale the property, searching for a way indoors; generally an unseen fracture or crevice, or some other entrance the owner is not aware of. Because of this, ensuring that there aren’t access points all over the property should help stop them from infiltrating the interior. If you have a space specifically for storage space that consists of cardboard boxes or any other items, they will easily hide out beneath items when they discover the space.

Strategies for Reducing Whittier Millipede Invasions

Remove any excess compost. Be sure that a 6 inch space is between your foundation and any flowers or bushes. You might need to eliminate mulch, leaves and grass to make this happen.

Investigate the screens on the doors, vents and windows. It is very important that attic and crawl space screens are intact and not damaged. The entrance door should also seal tightly and securely, that allows no space for undesirable pests to get in; since they will when they can.

Evaluate and replace (when necessary) the exterior doors’ weather stripping. If you see weather stripping missing or any sort of damage, it needs to be corrected. Your basement doors need secure weather stripping. When you see light beneath or all around a doorway (or window) it needs to be fixed.