Ticks belong in the Family Ixodidae and will differ in color in accordance with their type. The standard size of a tick is 1 cm long for a mature tick and larvae within 1 millimeter in length. Whittier suffers from a range of prevalent tick kinds like the deer tick and American dog tick. You don’t have to suffer from a tick invasion – just call on our tick control Whittier exterminators and we’ll eliminate them for you!

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If pets or strays have brought ticks onto your property call our tick control Whittier exterminators right away!

The setting of your property will likely depict almost any likely tick issues; it’s common to discover them invading your lawn and structures alongside dense woods or considerably vegetated regions. Certain tick kinds need to have a certain quantity of moisture content in order to survive, as well as blood for nourishment; through animals or humankind.

The life-cycle of ticks contains 4 different phases; the eggs, larvae, nymph and adult. They begin with six legs during the larvae cycle and have 8 legs while in the remaining stages. Regardless of the life cycle stage, they must have blood to thrive. Ticks that can transport particular disease-causing pathogenic agents and bacteria can actually be transmitted to the host.

Warning signs of a Whittier Tick Invasion

You can easily observe ticks taking over your private space. People who have a dog or cat that come to be plagued with ticks will usually have the house infested as well when they are not taken care of immediately.

Additionally, some people who endure a tick bite could experience unfavorable symptoms and should see a doctor for treatment suggestions, if any are essential.

Should you be ready to eliminate the ticks on your premises, call Termite Specialists Whittier right now at (562) 268-5364 so we can provide more info on our tick control and get an appointment made.